Insights: Frailty Education Workshop – St Vincent’s Housing Association

Tackling frailty and its assessment with the scheme managers at St Vincent's Housing Association

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On the 16th January I had the good fortune of presenting a workshop at the Moston site of St Vincent’s Housing Association with their scheme managers.  The group members were from across the northwest including Warrington, Bolton, and Manchester all with experience of working with elderly tenants.

After working through the presentation of frailty and discussing some of the practical challenges faced by the group and their tenants we went on to look at the Frailty Checkup.  The group used tablet devices to work through the assessment and advised on the re-wording of a section which was presenting some challenges to users.

It was recognised that having a baseline assessment that will support understanding of changes over time and help when referrals into services are needed would be extremely useful.  The group were keen to explore the use of the Frailty Checkup in their localities and we agreed that we would explore the options for this together over the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for participating so actively in the session, and thanks to Loretta for organising the event with Simon from the Manchester Carers Forum.  I look forward to the journey with this group as they are seeing frailty develop at the earliest stage and supporting individuals as they work to maintain their independence.