Insights: Frailty Education Workshops – the next steps

The Frailty Education Workshops continue - here is the latest update

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The second Frailty Education Workshop was held with the Chinese Women’s Group on 3rd December.  With the help of a fantastic interpreter and Simon Stagg (Manchester Carers Forum) we delivered a great session which not only delivered the planned programme, but also added in cultural references to ensure it had relevance for the audience.  Simon told us “the word frailty does not translate into Chinese, or rather it does but has very negative meanings such as impotence, and feeble minded!  So instead I used the Chinese word for infirm/infirmity.”  After great feedback we are continuing to work with this group and the translator to provide appropriate information for them.  We will go back to provide another session using the Intelesant app as many of the group are already digitally connected with iPads.

Our next 2 sessions are now fully booked, we will be at My Community on Monday 12th January and St Vincent’s Housing Association on Friday 16th January.