Insights: Frailty Project Website Launch

Our Health Education Northwest funded site is made publicly available

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The culmination of a year’s work with Manchester Carers Forum (MCF) and University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Trust (UHSM) has been launched today at  This site includes an overview of frailty and the impact on daily life along with tips to address some of the concerns that can arise.  All of the information has been written in partnership with carers from the MCF from the start which has ensured the language is accessible, and the detail is relevant for the general public.  The clinicians from UHSM have reviewed the content to ensure it is accurate.  We all continue to work together on developing the content and we welcome feedback on the site structure and content.

Our test users suggested that the blog approach was a friendly way of sharing information, and so we have incorporated this into the local groups and news and stories sections.  The video clips were also defined by our carers as they identified the issues they found in delivering Frailty Checkups.

Still to come is a section covering the questions within the Frailty Checkup including audio files with English, Arabic, and Urdu included.

We hope the site will be helpful to the general public and carers as well as those who deliver or have undergone a Frailty Checkup.