Insights: Newall Green High School

Talking to Year 10's about Intelesant, old age, apps, energy monitoring and why we need more software engineers

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Jonathan Burr Photo

Along with Jonathan Fitchew CEO of Pareto Law I talked today at a Founders for Schools session at Newall Green High School for year 10’s studying computing. Very impressed with the quality of questions once we got going like:

  • who does alerts based on energy monitoring work if gran doesn’t have cup of tea every day?
  • if Howz says that something is wrong who can the user call to investigate?
  • how did you get into coding?
  • how easy is it for someone with Parkinson’s disease to use a mobile?
  • what if someone deliberately puts incorrect data into the COPD app?
  • are you at risk from a denial of service attack?

It intrigued me that a lot of the questions were about things that could go wrong.  Thinking like engineers.  We will look out for them when they come for a school visit to the Sharp Project in June.