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Supporting a Greater Manchester initiative to record and share staged assessments for 0-5 year olds

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The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities developed a new delivery model which required 8 staged assessments for every child between 0 and 5 years.  This system enables the structured digital capture of these assessments, and the secure storage and sharing of the data as prescribed.  This system enables providers from across the spectrum to deliver the assessments and record the information in the same format with the same level of security.


The new staged assessments will be completed by a number of different organisations including health, social services, education, and private agencies.  There is a need to collect standardised information in a digital format to enable sharing of the appropriate information with other agencies to support the individual child, and to support commissioning decisions for effective interventions.  As children move across the spectrum of services, the option to access one system that will collect and manage the information effectively is key to the success of this programme.

Intelesant was commissioned to develop and provide their digital platform to enable health visitors to capture the standardised minimum dataset on a mobile device that can be used in a community setting.



The core set of features for the platform can be adapted for different use cases:

    • Demographics.  Patient name, contact details, sensitive data, family and carers and contact details;
    • Assessment and Planning.  Minimum dataset for prescribed assessment; recording of validated test outcomes (such as ASQ3); identification of support services required;
    • Sharing.  Manage consent and capacity; item by item controlled access to information for a range of providers and associated roles including anonymised reports; information shared using NHS N3 network;
    • Compliance.  Activity and history audit log, compliant with NHS information governance level 2.0 (e.g. encryption, 2 factor authentication, nhs.net email), compliant with data sharing standards for each locality.

How we did it

We worked closely with the AGMA Early Years team as they developed the minimum dataset to ensure that the information was accurately captured and yet easily accessed for the assessor with the family. The Health Visitor team at Oxford Grove in Bolton have reviewed the system and shared insights into the real life application of the system which have been incorporated into the development.

The system is now in use within Oxford Grove capturing assessments for the children in their area, and receiving information uploads of child demographics from the local trust to streamline the process. We are about to start another trial within Tameside and we are meeting with other areas in Greater Manchester to explore the system use with their teams. We are now working on the development of a format to collect outcomes from interventions delivered for these children and their families, and exploring the analytic opportunities for the dataset.