Insights: RCN Older People’s Conference – March 2015

Intelesant exhibits at RCN Older People's Conference in Manchester

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Louise Rogerson Photo

Last week we hosted a stand at the RCN Older People’s Conference held in Manchester.  The programme was very exciting and it attracted attendees from across the UK.

The main focus of our stand was the Frailty Checkup and our associated Frailty Project with UHSM, Health Education Northwest, and Manchester Carers Forum.  There was a very positive reaction to the use of a self report tool in wider community groups beyond the traditional health and social care settings, and those that tried our Frailty Checkup found it easy to use.

As always with clinicians we had a few interesting debates about the availability of services for people as they get older and in particular transport issues for this group – something we have noticed is an issue for those tested so far.  There was also a real sense that the functional elements of frailty do respond to intervention be that rehabilitation or compensatory packages.  There is clearly an increase in the number of integrated teams working to improve outcomes for older people, and some exciting innovations to support these services.

For those that attended the stand, we asked for them to share their top tips – see these in full on our Frailty Project website which will be published on 7th April, but the common themes are to stay connected with friends and learn to use the internet.

Thank you to everyone who stopped to chat and shared their insights into this challenging area.