Insights: Wythenshawe Housing Group Welcome the Frailty Project

A new group join the Frailty Project to boost numbers in South Manchester.

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Louise Rogerson Photo

The South Manchester Frailty Project made a welcome connection last week as the first training date was set for staff and volunteers that work within the Wythenshawe Housing Group older people’s projects.  The group run a whole range of sessions and activities designed to reduce social isolation, identify issues at the earliest opportunity, and support individuals to live independently for as long as possible.  The Frailty Checkup was recognised as a great opportunity to formalise these elements of the process and enable the information to be securely shared with the GP in a seamless process.

The addition of the Wythenshawe Housing Group to the project is a huge boost and we look forward to working with them over the next few months to ensure there is shared learning for all involved.  Watch this space….